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Expert and designer services

You will have access to the best experts in the field, who understand gas applications and business promotion.

We serve industry, construction companies, housing companies, biogas plants, gas
terminals, gas transmission and distribution systems, and gas filling stations for vehicles.


We are a Finnish gas installation expert approved by the Finnish Safety and Chemicals
Agency (Tukes). We have over 40 years of experience in gas transmission, distribution and pipeline construction, use and maintenance. We performinstallations all around Finland.


Natural gas, biogas and LNG are safe, easy and clean alternatives. Repair and maintenance of gas systems is quick and inexpensive. Regular maintenance ensures the uninterrupted operation of gas equipment and systems.

Natural gas and biogas solutions nationwide

We provide solutions for all gas applications, from design to maintenance

Viafin Gas provides a wide range of natural gas and biogas services for all customer sectors. We supply equipment, perform installation and offer repair and maintenance services. Our services cover the entire life cycle of gas appliances, starting with design.

We operate from Vantaa, Mäntsälä, Lempäälä, Kouvola, Oulu and Imatra, and provide services in throughout the country.

We serve industry, transmission and distribution companies, construction companies, biogas companies, the travel and restaurant industry, transportation and housing companies etc. Fazer and Valio, among others, have relied on our expertise in gas matters.

Why begin a partnership with us?

  • The full range of natural gas and biogas solutions for the entire project's life cycle.
  • Solid expertise and more than100 professionals.
  • Safety is our primary concern.
  • High-quality service both in terms of equipment and services.
  • Projects completed within the agreed timetable.
  • Ability to solve even the trickiest customer problems.

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