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Comprehensive services for companies around Finland

Viafin Gas provides solutions for all gas applications, large or small. We are available at all life cycle stages of gas systems, from design and installation to maintenance.

We provide solutions for the use of natural gas, biogas and liquefied natural gas for industry, transmission and distribution companies, biogas plants, construction companies, the traffic, tourist and restaurant industries, and housing companies. We operate nationwide. We operate from Imatra, Kouvola, Mäntsälä, Lempäälä and Vantaa. You are also welcome to visit any of Viafin Service's offices.

Maintenance of gas applications

Comprehensive maintenance of gas applications. Without maintenance, not even the best technology will function well from one year to the next. Keeping gas adjustment and safety devices and control equipment in good condition ensures a safe working environment in which a company can operate and focus on its core production processes.

-gas pipes
- gas adjustment and safety devices and valves
- gas control equipment (e.g. duct burners, fan burners, infrared heaters)
- gas leak detection systems
- gas flow measurement
- installation of remote reading devices
- natural gas use monitoring services
- gas system mapping

Easy and care-free maintenance of gas systems

Viafin Gas's experts can offer gas system maintenance on a one-stop-shop basis. Together with the customer, we create a maintenance timetable that corresponds to the desired maintenance level. Our long experience of a range of gas systems will help us to suggest an appropriate maintenance schedule for gas systems of various types and ages. We create reports of any maintenance work, and suggest
improvement and development ideas, if necessary.

Flow measurement equipment calibration and maintenance services

Regular calibration and maintenance ensure accurate measurements.

Our flow laboratory in Kouvola performs some 200 flowmeter calibrations a year. Our flow laboratory has been accredited by the FINAS accreditation service as a K051calibration laboratory, requirement EN ISO/IEC 17025. The flow laboratory's qualification range covers the calibration of turbine and rotary piston meters ranging between 1 and 10,000 m3/h. All other calibration or maintenance performed by the flow laboratory is non-accredited. We are also authorised tom seal flow measurement equipment (HKO09).

Our services: 

- mappingthe customer's situation and suggesting a maintenance programme
- calibration and maintenance of rotary piston and turbine gas meters
- calibration and maintenance of gas volume correctors
- renting of gas flow meters
- dismantling and installation of meters
- new gas flow measurement equipment
- solving gas flow measurement problems

Gas application in a real property and housing companies

Gas pipes and gas appliances on real property require maintenance like any other building technology. We can offer all the services you need for your natural gas and liquefied gas solutions.

- inspections and mappings
- pipeline planning
- pipeline renovation
- gas appliance installation and maintenance

Expert and designer services

In addition to maintenance, our user control and mapping services are steps towards trouble-free gas use. Our service range also includes the design of gas systems and pipelines, and equipment and spare part deliveries. Our on-duty service is also a key component of continuous processes.

- safety monitoring
- on-call service
- use monitoring
- earthworking
- LNG bunkering
- gas filling stations

Rental services

- temporary heaters for construction sites
- bypass manifolds and hoses
- gas flow meters