Flow measurement equipment calibration and maintenance services

Regular calibration and maintenance ensure accurate measurements.

Our flow laboratory in Kouvola performs some 200 flowmeter calibrations a year. Our flow laboratory has been accredited by the FINAS accreditation service as a K051 calibration laboratory, requirement EN ISO/IEC 17025. The flow laboratory's qualification range covers the calibration of turbine and rotary piston meters ranging between 1 and 10,000 m3/h. All other calibration or maintenance performed by the flow laboratory is non-accredited. We are also authorised to seal flow measurement equipment (HKO09).

Our services: 

- mapping the customer's situation and suggesting a maintenance programme
- calibration and maintenance of rotary piston and turbine gas meters
- calibration and maintenance of gas volume correctors
- renting of gas flow meters
- dismantling and installation of meters
- new gas flow measurement equipment
- solving gas flow measurement problems