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Customers with gas cookers will be served by our partner HelsinkiGas Oy in future

Private customers with cooker and other gas questions will be served by our partner HelsinkiGas Oy, Matti Viitanen from now on.

So please contact Matti directly on 0400 478 298.


Viafin Gas has been awarded the Key Flag symbol.

The Association for Finnish Work has granted Viafin Gas, which operates throughout the country, the Key Flag symbol for a service produced in Finland and promoting Finnish employment. Viafin Gas provides its customers with gas applications and uninterrupted use.

The Key Flag is symbol for Finnish work. The primary criterion for being granted the symbol is that the product has been made or the service produced in Finland. In addition, the share of the service's absorption cost, or the domestic content, must be at least 50 per cent. A company applying for a Key Flag for a service must also have a significant domestic ownership base, management that works in Finland, and headquarters located in Finland.

"98% of the work must be done in Finland. We are proud of our professional expertise and our roots in Finland. We previously worked under the business name of Gasum Tekniikka Oy. Since the business acquisition in March and name change effective on 3 April 2019, we have wanted to stress our strong domestic content. The Key Flag symbol and Finnish service will promote the use of domestic work and services. Since many of our customers rely on their gas applications, it is critical that they can rely on an uninterrupted operation of their systems, and this is what we will continue to ensure 24/7," says Viafin Gas's Managing Director Jarno Anttalainen.

The Key Flag is very well known in Finland. According to a study by the Association for Finnish Work, 90 per cent of Finnish consumers know the Key Flag either very well or rather well. Most Finns (75%) also think that the Key Flag affects purchase decisions positively.

Reetta Mentu, Marketing Manager at the Association for Finnish Work, says that favouring domestic services is considered a way of making a difference and a value choice that will boost Finnish competitiveness and wellbeing.

"For consumers, the Key Flag has connotations such as domestic production, reliability, safety, responsibility, and the promotion of Finnish jobs.
Companies can use the Key Flag to communicate important values to consumers and customers. Indeed, 92 per cent of companies with the Key Flag say that the symbol boosts the sale of their products and services," says Reetta Mentu.

Additional information

Juri Haverinen, Sales Manager, Viafin GAS Oy, +358 40 542 8009,

Reetta Mentu, Marketing Manager, Association for Finnish Work, +358 50 561 5030,

The Key Flag is a symbol that can be granted to products and services produced in Finland.
The Key Flag has been awarded to around 4,200 products, product groups or services.

The Association for Finnish Work promotes the appreciation and success of Finnish work. The Association manages the symbols associated with Finnish work, influences purchase decisions, and challenges businesses to reinvent themselves.